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Farming has always been part of our community. Our farms are long term growth assets for the Trust and its owners, and we believe we have the capability to manage these operations to optimise the land to increase our returns and protect our environment.


A medium sized dairy farm located at Oruanui, 22kms north of Taupo. Contour is a mix of easy undulating to medium hill with steeper hillside along the south eastern boundary and an area of native bush on the western boundary. Stock level 600.


A medium sized dairy farm located 5kms west of Tokoroa. The land is a mix of easy undulating to rolling contours in the front with some steeper contour converted from forestry in 2007/2008 at the back. Stock level 615.

Te Whaiti/Minginui

A large (797ha) developing farm located at Te Whaiti/Minginui, 25kms southwest of Murupara. Originally a Sheep and Cattle farm converted to dairy. Current stock levels 1325.