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Korero Mai Booklet (Proposed Changes)

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Distribution Policy Feedback Form

Owners Entitlement - Pages 16 & 17

I support owners receiving their own entitlement
I support owners receiving a different grant amount

Hauora - New Health Grants - Page 17

I support whanau receiving specialist grants i.e. Physio, Root Canals
I agree with providing additional discretionary support outside standard health grants where deemed necessary by the directors of the Charitable Company Ltd
I support owners and kaumatua being prioritised for the new medical treatment grant for hip and knee surgeries
Emergency Medical Grant: I support extending the Discretionary Grant to support whanau members with high needs in emergency, medical and life threatening situations i.e. cancer treatment

Matauranga - Education Grants - Pages 18, 19 & 20

I support the direct payment of education grants to children's parents/caregivers (pg 19)
I support a 'give back' requirement for all scholarship recipients (pg 19)
I support a new post-graduate Ngati Tahu scholarship (pg 19)
I support the new post-graduate part-time scholarship (pg 18)
I support the compulsory section of the scholarship application form (pg 20)

Manaaki Tangata - Page 22

I support the new kaumatua age of 55 years old
I support having one level of support for whanau participating in sports/arts/māori culture

Whakahaeretanga - Page 24

I support the grant year being changed to January to December
I support minor grants being paid to owner approved bank accounts of non-Trust members i.e. parent does not whakapapa, foster parents


If you have any further thoughts about the changes proposed in the Korero Mai booklet, please leave these above